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  • Nick Pastorino

My First Blog!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Hello everyone! In my bio I covered a lot of generic things about me, so now I'm going to share some more intimate details about myself. I was born in Passaic, New Jersey and I lived there until I was 12. I then moved to North Carolina where I currently reside. I also spent some of my youth in Poland, Europe. I speak Polish almost fluently and I hold citizenship there. I also speak Spanish. Besides music, I am a huge anime and video game fan, I almost became a pro wrestler, I have a degree in recreational business management with a minor in communication studies, MMA and strongman competitions are the only sports I like, and I'm addicted to chocolate and cheeseburgers. I could probably write a whole book with details about myself so I'll stop here for now.

Enough about that other stuff, let's talk about my musical influences. It's hard to say where I derive my inspiration from as I pay more attention to songs than artists. I would say that Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix are probably my biggest inspirations. I'm also a big fan of Green Day and Type O Negative. I listen to pretty much all genres of music from gothic music to alternative music to psychedelic music. I listen to everything, well except polka, screw that. The first song I ever wrote is "Goodnight Beautiful". I wrote it with the hopes that I could woo a girl I liked into getting into a serious relationship with me with... not much success. But it was the start of a new journey, a journey that I hope you will join me in.

As I am writing this post I am currently getting ready to costar in the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist fan film "The Ishvalan War" which I also wrote. To get more information about that check out or follow the company on Facebook. Unfortunately, this means that I probably won't be able to perform live or add too much to this site in the upcoming months as that will be my main focus. However, I have a lot of ideas for this website so you're guaranteed to see a lot more content within the coming year. I hope you enjoy the design of my site, it took me many hours to construct. If you have any questions, constructive criticisms, or anything you would like to discuss with me please send me a message in the contact form. If you're new to my music, please check out my music videos and a student film I was in to see some of my acting. Peace!

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